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Seven Angels waterfall located in the Village Keseneng, Sumowono, Semarang regency.From Market Bandungan kept going in the direction Sumowono Market. Of this market, take the road towards Limbangan, Boja. After passing the Army barracks in Bantir, take the first fork to the left, and follow the signposts the way.

Seven Angels waterfall consists of several small waterfall, which formed three levels, with abowl-shaped pool at each level. Surrounding environment is still a lush mountains, and theexpanse of terracing rice fields are beautiful and green.

Development of the tourist area of ​​the Seven Angels waterfall was conductedindependently by Keseneng Village and surrounding communitiesWhen we visited there,being conducted with the street paving stones made ​​by the residentsBy utilizing river rockcarried around the waterfall.

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